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Paul Minors


Automated call summaries emailed from @Zoom after a meeting are incredible! It’s literally like an assistant has been sitting in the background taking notes and identifying action items. I’m now using @zapier to add summaries of sales calls to @Pipedrive

Stanislav Didukh

Data Engineering | Data Analytics | Machine Learning

Diving into the possibilities with OpenAI's latest Assistant APIs and stumbled upon a good one. Imagine automating the analysis of your weekly KPIs in just 4 steps, using Zapier + Assistants API combination.

A Zap that is triggered by a new attachment in Gmail, that initiates a conversation with ChatGPT Assistant.

Lauren Ryan

Navigating the HubSpot Salesforce integration

This might be my favorite AI application yet.

Tired of searching through Zapier triggers and actions? 

This makes your life SO much easier when building new Zaps.

Thank you, Zapier!

JJ King

Tech-Forward Hospitality & STR Entrepreneur 🚀🏡

Zapier's new conversational ai feature is crazy awesome. All you have to do is type what you want to build and it makes it! Work smart, not hard!

Zapier's Zap Guesser asks you what you want to automate, and replies with suggested Zaps. For example, you can say that you want to "notify Slack channel of a failed Stripe payment" and it will return a Zap for you to try.

Lee Noble

Head of Digital

AI powered Zapier really is an amalgamation of two things I love: Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Automation.



@OpenAI's new Custom GPT and Assistants API are live. I connected the API to my Facebook Inbox via @zapier in 30 minutes to automate responses to subscriber questions, including providing YouTube video timestamps. See below for setup details.

Sil Bormüller 

@svorklab 🎨 📐

Damn the new @zapier AI feature is really good - you just type in the automation / workflow you imagine and it creates the whole workflow / zap for you. It took me one minute to automate our new sponsorship workflow including forms / mails @intodsconf

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Start quickly with these AI templates from other Zapier users

Create to-do's from Slack reactions

Create Notion tasks using ChatGPT conversations generated from new Slack reactions

Draft email replies to customers

Create email copy with ChatGPT from new Gmail emails and save as drafts in Gmail

Generate blog posts from a form

Create Jasper blog posts and monday.com items from new Google Forms responses

Create personalized content for new leads

When a new lead enters your Salesforce, generate personalized content for them using Copy.ai

Turn form responses into DALL-E images

Generate unique images based on a form submission and automatically add it to a row in Google Sheets

Generate and summarize PDF files

Whenever a new file is added to a Dropbox folder, convert it to a PDF and get the document summary from ChatGPT

Instantly follow up with leads

When a new lead form is filled out in Google Ads, a prompt is sent to Google MakerSuite to follow up with an email

Send AI-generated videos of yourself to leads

Reply to leads with personalized videos of yourself, without actually having to record anything

Create Mems for new HubSpot deals

Automatically import key information about a new HubSpot deal into Mem, your personal AI notes app

Meet our AI products that do the work for you

AI is embedded across Zapier’s suite of products, so you decide how it works for you, interacts with your data, and helps you solve business problems.



Scale your impact with custom Chatbots

An interface featuring an interaction with a Zapier chatbot
Create an AI-powered chatbot in minutes to better serve your customers and coworkers. A chatbot can answer questions, resolve issues, and nurture leads. That way, your team is free to do the work that matters most.



Build Zaps faster with Copilot supporting you at every step

An interface showing the creation of a Zap being assisted by the AI Copilot

Start your next workflow instantly just by chatting with Copilot. Your AI-powered assistant will draft the Zap, generate the code, or create a custom action to solve your unique problems.


Generate content with AI fields in Tables

A Zapier Tables interface showing an AI automated field

Use AI to analyze the sentiment of a message, summarize takeaways in text, and more—right within your automation-first database.



Create your own superhuman teammate

A Zapier Central interface showing the creation of a new AI agent via behaviors and data source training

Zapier Central is the AI workspace where you work hand-in-hand with bots. Teach, talk to, and direct AI-powered bots that actually understand your business. 



Let AI upgrade your workflows

The Zapier Canvas interface showing the collaborative creation of a new automation

Create diagrams that visually map out every part of your team's processes, let AI recommend improvements, then turn the diagrams into working Zaps.

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11 ways Zapier employees use AI

Hear from Co-founder Mike Knoop on how 50% of Zapier employees are using AI to accelerate their day-to-day work.

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How Zapier turned $1 million in funds to a $5 billion valuation

Wade Foster, Co-founder and CEO of Zapier, explains how Zapier scaled profitably with the help of automation and AI.

How to future-proof your job in B2B sales and marketing

Reid Robinson, Lead Product Manager for AI at Zapier, shares the implications AI will have on B2B marketing, use cases in B2B SaaS, and how to future-proof yourself as a marketer.

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Getting familiar with AI

minus iconWhy do I get a different outcome from AI every time?

Non-determinisim is the fancy term for describing this. When you give ChatGPT the exact same message, it’ll reply with different—but likely similar—answers. It’s a core feature for large language models (LLMs). It's also what makes LLMs different from computers, which will do the same thing every single time. It’s not a bug—it’s a feature!

minus iconWhat can I say to the AI to improve its reliability?

To get the best results, you need to write a clear prompt with ample context. Follow our tips for writing an effective prompt:

  • Include helpful information upfront
  • Give examples
  • Define the expected formats and length of response
  • Give the AI a role.

You can also ask ChatGPT to help you come up with a prompt or use handy expressions like “Let’s think through this step by step,” or “As a [insert profession/role], I think...”

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